The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring for Your Home

Bamboo flooring is fast becoming a trendy floor covering for the home. But like any floor product, there are pros and cons of bamboo flooring for your home. The reason bamboo flooring is becoming more popular is because it’s competitive in price to other natural floor coverings, has a native aesthetic and has an ecofriendlyRead more

Seven Benefits of Carpet Tiles in Your Home

Before you replace your old worn-out carpet, STOP! Imagine all the flooring possibilities! No longer do you have to battle with run-down and stained carpet. Flooring options are unlimited and can completely transform your home from drab to on trend with little cost. This is just one benefit of carpet tiles.

How to Care for a Wool Carpet

If you own a wool carpet, you’ve made a smart investment. The natural fibres of wool are not only aesthetically pleasing but they make wool carpets easy to clean and maintain, making them perfect for a household of busy people. However, to prolong the life and the appearance of your wool carpet, it is vitalRead more

Your Guide To Basic Carpet Care

Dirty carpet? Stained patches? Stop stressing and take action! Give your flooring the attention it needs before it’s too late! Carpet is expensive and it needs to be looked after. Now is the time to learn the basics of carpet care before your flooring is too badly damaged to come back from.