4 Reasons Not to Dismiss Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl. The flooring solution of the 80s is making a comeback, as geometric patterns are replaced with block colours or styles resembling the prevailing tile trends of the season. Vinyl is no longer considered psychedelic, cheap and cheerful or the DIY’s answer to a quick fix; in fact, the right vinyl flooring options are highlyRead more

Flooring for children’s rooms – Top Tips and Advice

Children’s rooms are special places, whether they are their bedrooms, their playrooms, or living rooms that specifically cater for them. The spaces that young children play in will create memories for them that will last a life time – and it will be the small details, such as the flooring and furniture, that they willRead more

The Rules of Rug Buying – What to Look For

Rugs offer many of the same benefits of carpets, but offer the flexibility to be moved with you from home to home or even room to room. They can be also the perfect finishing touch to complete the interior design of a room, and for homes with hard flooring, they can inject much needed softnessRead more