Timber flooring is absolutely gorgeous, and because there are so many species of hardwood trees from around the world, it comes in a variety of colours, including browns, yellows, reds, and greys. Timber floor colours are expanded further when using flooring staining, which can achieve pretty much any colour that you want for your home.

Here’s a selection of the most common timber floor colours, so that you can pick the right flooring for your home, and impress your visitors.

Timber floor colours

Timber floor colours are mostly defined by the wood used for the timber, but can also be lightened or darkened when stained, depending on the stain that is used.

These are some of the most common timber floor colours in Australia.

Common Timber Floor Colours Australia

Image from Pinterest

Jarrah, Kempas, and Merbau wood have much richer colours, and can become a statement piece for the room in which it’s laid. They tend to work best for larger, spacious rooms, where they can be appreciated without making the room feel cramped.

Here’s an example of how Jarrah looks in a contemporary kitchen:

Timber Floor Colours Jarrah

Jarrah—a rich and bold flooring choice. Image from Timba Floors

Brushbox, Blackbutt, Tasmanian Oak, on the other hand, are much more subtle colours, so have a tendency to blend in with their surroundings without calling attention. They work in rooms of all sizes, but especially in smaller rooms because they can make them feel more open and spacious.

Here’s how Blackbutt timber would look in a similarly styled kitchen:

Blackbutt Timber Floor

Blackbutt timber flooring. Image from Lifewood Floors

If you really want to make a statement, a super-bold choice like Oak Wenge might be to your liking, with its striking dark blue colour. Or if you want to create an atmosphere of happiness and warmth, you might want to go for the yellow-toned White Oak. If cool, calm, and collected is your thing, the grey tones of Oak Ashen might work for you.

Here’s how Oak Ashen looks in a modern kitchen:

Tasmanian Oak Timber Floor

Oak Ashen flooring. Image from German Flooring

In addition to these “pure” timber floors, you might also find variations for each, which provide a range of colours for that particular type of timber, with varying hues and brightnesses.

These are some common timber types from Europe and the United States, which provide a similar range of colours, but some unique hues:

Timber Floor Types

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If you import timber from abroad, you’ll probably pay a hefty premium (as you might expect). So it’s cheaper and better for the environment to buy locally.

Stains can also completely change the colour of timber flooring, creating unusual colours like green, purple, and vivid blue. Here’s a look at some possible stain colours for your timber flooring:

Timber Floor Stain Colours

Image from Mosman Floor Sanding

The possibilities are endless!

The most popular timber flooring colours

The most popular timber flooring colours tend to be blonde (Blackbutt), light brown (Brushbox), brown/red (Jarrah), and Tasmanian Oak (also light brown). You can find examples of Blackbutt and Jarrah above, but here’s how Brushbox and Tasmanian Oak looks when laid in a home:

Brushbox Timber Floor

Brushbox timber flooring. Image from Floorboards Online

Timber Floor Colours Oak Ashen

Tasmanian Oak flooring. Image from Uptons

Timber floor colours—summary

That’s it! Our selection of the most common and popular timber floor colours for your home, with something for everyone. Good luck with your selection!