FAQ’s – Floor Rugs Brisbane

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    My rug keeps shifting around – how can I prevent this from happening?

    Buying a new rug for your living space is a great feeling. Your interior can feel richer and more homely in an instant. But there is one annoying thing that can put a slight dampener on your feeling of triumph – a slipping rug. Fortunately, there are many solutions. DIY enthusiasts around the world have developed their own ways of doing this. Some include tape and rubber, while others even suggest using silicone.

    In our experiences, simple is better. One of the simplest ways of stopping your rug from moving around is with double-sided carpet tape. You can purchase this from most hardware stores and our team will gladly point you in the right direction. The precise amount of tape required will depend on a few things. Firstly, and most obviously, it will depend on the size of your rug. So get a measuring tape and work out the dimensions that you are working with. Then, simply ensure that you have the right length and apply it to the underside of your rug. This ought to stop it from moving around. Before applying the tape to the floor, be sure to check that the adhesive is compatible with your particular flooring material.

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    I have dark timber floors – how do I match a rug to my existing colours and flooring?

    Matching rugs in Brisbane with darker floors is generally a little trickier than it is when you have lighter timber floors. Lighter floors invite colour and vibrancy, while darker floors are better suited to a slightly more subdued colour scheme. However, that does not mean that you can’t inject some life into your interior! Darker timber floors do still work fantastically with the right colours. In some cases, this does include brighter and more vibrant colours. To find the perfect colour scheme for your rugs, take some inspiration from the other features of your interior décor. For example you might want to look at the walls and see which colours have worked for you there.

    Another thing to consider is texture and pattern. Sometimes, injecting some life into your décor doesn’t have to involve bright or loud colours. Sometimes, you can create perfect ambience with textures and patterns alone. The same applies to materials. You should try to choose your materials based mainly on practicality, but aesthetic should still have some influence on your decision. The best way to find out is to visit our showroom. We have a range of rugs and timbers on display. By comparing one sample to another, you can really get a feel for what works. As always, our friendly specialists will be on standby to help you out.

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    Will my new rug shed a lot?

    Depending on the material you choose, your rug may shed. Spun fibres, such as wool and acrylic, do shed naturally. This means that in the early period of owning your rug, it will probably shed some fibres. You may notice these on the floor around your rug. This is cause by the spinning process, which leaves some loose fibres in However it is not a major issue, as the shedding will decrease noticeably over time. The best way to speed this process up is by vacuuming. Vacuuming is one of the most important steps in rug maintenance. Not only does it remove dust and abrasive particles from the rug, but it also removes the loose fibres. If this is still likely to be an issue for you, then there are some other varieties of rug that are less prone to shedding. For more information, ask our friendly experts.